Derek is  a fierce supporter of small government and transparency. The role of the elected official is to carry out the will of the people. The issues Derek focuses on in Frankfort are aimed at helping District 90, as well as the state of Kentucky, to improve the economy, healthcare, and the standard of living.



Government does not create jobs, the private sector does. Derek’s job as your State Representative is to reduce overbearing government mandates and heavy-handed regulation. He promoted District 90 as a place where businesses could thrive and new businesses can start. Jobs in the coal mines need protection while also creating economic diversification by bringing new types of jobs to the region. Derek will contribute to job creation and workforce development in the following ways:

  • Supporting legislation to maintain coal jobs and fight against EPA restrictions.
  • Finding new funding sources for local government and related programs (fire departments, law enforcement, libraries, etc).
  • Working hand-in-hand with EKCEP and other community organizations to host job fairs, educate the public about new opportunities, and bring new businesses into the region.
  • Reaching out to companies across the US about potentially relocating to our region.
  • Assisting our communities to develop new trades and placing more emphasis on trade schools. These jobs are in high demand and command a great salary. Studies have shown trade school jobs will be in high demand in the future.
  • Cooperating with Trail Towns and other outdoor organizations to promote tourism by capitalizing on what we already have such as fishing, elk hunting, ATV trails, and horseback riding.
  • Using my own business background to work on programs that can support small-business owners with training to form a company, run a business, handle taxes, and increase profit.
  • Making District 90 more accessible and attractive to companies through infrastructure projects. This includes critical infrastructure such as repairing and improving our roads and bridges, as well as our technology infrastructure.
  • Expanding fiber-optic internet will be vital to bring new work opportunities from around the world to District 90 jobseekers.

“The best social program is a job.” Ronald Reagan



The importance of high-quality healthcare in our state, and especially our region, is imperative. Being employed in the healthcare field, Derek has seen first-hand the inadequacies of the current healthcare system. He is tired of high premiums, over-reaching government mandates placed on providers, and lack of transparency- and the patient suffers. This is not acceptable; Kentucky needs a system that works for the people, not the insurance companies. In addition to an overhaul of our healthcare system, Derek demands a strong fight against the drug epidemic that has affected so many in our area. 

  • Our region has the most people per capita with at least 2 chronic conditions. More emphasis needs to be placed on preventing these to begin with. Derek plans to work with care healthcare providers to promote cancer screenings, smoking cessation, mammograms, prostate screenings, colonoscopies, etc. Let’s stop these conditions before they start.
  • Ensuring patients with preexisting conditions and chronic illnesses are fairly covered under healthcare plans. Derek will fight for any legislation that prohibits insurance policies from neglecting these patients.
  • Expanding drug and alcohol abuse education in our communities and schools, as well as developing community programs, after-school activities, and sports leagues to keep our children healthy, active, and away from bad influences.
  • Drug abuse is a vicious cycle. Derek wants to create real second chances for people to become productive members of society. He plans to expand drug and alcohol recovery programs and options such as recovery centers, job programs, and counseling/therapy opportunities.
  • Giving healthcare providers more control over their practices; the treatment of patients should be determined by the providers, not mandated by the government. Derek will work hard to do away with costly regulations that hinder medical practice.
  • Addressing depression through expanded healthcare programs and services—this is a condition that commonly goes untreated and needs more public awareness.
  • Giving aging patients more options to receive care in their own homes instead of a nursing home or assisted care facility. While these institutions certainly have their place and do great work, Derek wants patients to have options and independence as they age.


  • Improving our water and wastewater systems. The majority of this infrastructure is outdated and on the verge of collapse. It is imperative that we make the investments needed to ensure clean, high-quality water to each and every person.
  • As an avid hunter and firearms enthusiast, Derek will defend our 2nd amendment right to bear arms- it shall not be infringed.
  • Support Pro-Life legislation in our state.
  • Work to protect and fund our state retirement systems and the pensions belonging to teachers, police, and other state workers. Promises were made, they should be kept.
  • Promoting fiscal responsibility and government transparency while reducing our state debt.
  • Listening to what teachers want and need. For too long, teachers have been told what they want and need by politicians, when it should be the other way around. Derek supports giving teachers more freedom in their classrooms to actually teach.
  • Planning with local school districts to find ways to utilize their budgets to decrease costs, such as geothermal, direct drive LED lighting, solar power, and natural gas.


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