It is crucial that we keep a strong conservative with knowledge of the legislative process and desire to improve the economy and healthcare of our citizens, while fighting to protect our constitutional and God-given rights.

While only being in office a short time, Derek has worked hard to keep my promises and to always be available to his constituents.

During his time in Frankfort, he has:

  • Passed legislation to help small businesses, farmers, school systems, healthcare providers and more. 
  • Fully funded public pensions.
  • Put “In God We Trust” back in our schools.
  • Funded the School Safety Act, putting the safety of our children and school employees first. 
  • Carried the Executive Branch Ethics Bill to the finish line on the House floor, increasing transparency in government. 
  • Supported and Co-Sponsored Pro-Life Bills, protecting our most vulnerable. 
  • Brought in millions of dollars for infrastructure improvements for our roads, bridges, and water systems. 
  • Served on the Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Systems Taskforce; one of Derek’s top priorities is ensuring people have clean drinking water. 
  • Protected Freedom of Speech on college campuses. 
  • Supported all 2ND Amendment Laws, including the passage of constitutional carry in Kentucky. 
  • Established the Kentucky Mountain Regional Recreation Authority (KMRRA), increasing the potential for expanding tourism in Eastern Kentucky by connecting Eastern Kentucky through a system of trails. 
  • Made great strides in addressing Criminal Justice reforms, introducing and passing legislation to get those on probation back on track to becoming productive members of society. Additionally, this legislation will save the Commonwealth millions of dollars each year.


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